Inlet Classic

Made of bronze and AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel.

The water returns to the pool cleaned and heated via the inlets. These can be directed slightly upwards to facilitate cleaning of the surface
water. Made of bronze with front of acid proof stainless steel. Suitable for liner, concrete and building-block pools.

Recommended flow capacity max 6 m3/h.

Relax and enjoy! Create perfect water circulation.


•  Acid proof stainless steel, polished front
•  Adjustable nozzle Ø 26 mm
•  Suitable for all types of pools

Item no. 125990

CA For liner pools. With screws and rubber gasket.


Item no. 126090

A For concrete pools. Acid proof stainless steel.


Item no. 125815
CA Classic, concrete/liner


Item no. 822600
Concrete kit, waterproofing with membrane


Inlet Classic 350
Item no. 125815
CA Classic, concrete/liner


Accessory fiberglass/PP pool

Item no. 15587010

Fixing kit for inlet fiberglass/PP pool